210 Se

Chemical exfoliation specifically designed for sensitive skin protocols.

For professionals only
302 Hy

Moisturizing, soothing serum specifically formulated for extremely low temperatures and drought conditions. For all skin types.

313 Ag

Rejuvenating dry oil for all skin types.

314 Se

Soothing, hydrating serum for all skin types.

315 Se

Soothing serum enhanced with B complex vitamins for irritated and sensitive skin.

415 Se

Facial rejuvenation and wellness mask for tired, dull and sensitive skin.

416 Se

Soothing, moisturizing facial mask for all skin types.

420 Pu

Soothing, cleansing mask for acne-prone, oily and irritated skin.

422 Gl

Cleansing facial mask with white clay for skin with discoloration problems.

511 Se

Soothing, moisturizing facial cream for sensitive and irritated skin.

516 Ec

Cream with caviar, reinforced with fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, targeted specifically for the area around the eyes.


Mild exfoliating body scrub for all skin types including sensitive skin.