We source

Raw material: top-quality hyaluronic acid (HA) of non-animal origin.

We choose

Cross-link hyaluronic acid with DVS or BDDE, according to the intended action of the end product.

We innovate

Our High Homogenous Cross-Linking Technology (H2CLT) provides these advantages:

  • single-phase insoluble gel
  • a high concentration of hyaluronic acid: up to 27 mg/ml
  • a high HA cross-linking rate: up to 80%
  • excellent viscoelasticity: up to 192 Pa
  • gel broken into small uniform particles for better flow
  • optimum particle size for the cross-linked HA: 80-230 mm

We create

Four cross-linked and non-cross-linked HA dermal fillers for hydrating the skin, filling wrinkles, treating skin changes and increasing tissue volume.

We guarantee

1. Maximum safety and biocompatibility to the strictest international standards:

• Endotoxins below 0.005 EU/ml
• Free cross-linker content: less than 0.001 mg/ml for BDDE and less than 0.002 mg/ml for DVS

2. Natural result lasting up to 18 months (according to clinical studies).

3. User-friendly products that are highly injectable and only need to be used in small quantities. (Force needed to expel the product from a 27G needle: less than 20 N).