Sunfilm Essentials Kit

Complete proposal which meets the increased need for specialized sun protection.

These face and body products offer a broad spectrum of light protection against sun rays while conforming with all the strict standards of the European Union. This proposal consists of products that meet the need for daily sun protection, all year round and includes:

  • Pre Sun Hydra Protecting Gel 30ml
  • Face Gel SPF 30 30ml
  • Face and Body Cream SPF 10 50ml
  • After Sun Hydra Calming Cream 50ml
  • Face Bliss SPF 50+ (sample)
  • Face Velvet SPF 50+ (sample)

Free pouch.

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Category: Sunscreen
Concern: Hydration, UV Protection
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily


Pre Sun Hydra Protecting Cream 30ml: Moisturizing face gel which enhancesthenaturalprocessofskin protection from the sun. Ιt does not contain sunscreen filters. — Face Gel SPF 30 30ml: Oil-free and light-tinted sunscreen face gel. Enriched with calming and special antioxidants, relieves skin irritation and protects the skin from oxidative stress and photoaging. — Face & Body Cream SPF 10 50ml: Sunscreen protection cream for the face and body which is easily absorbed. Reinforced with elements of specific action, improves natural tanning process and enhances the skin protective mechanisms towards the sun. — After Sun Hydra Calming Cream 50ml: Soothing, moisturizing face and body cream for after sun exposure. It relieves the skin from irritations and inflammations caused by sun exposure, while avoiding skin peeling. — Face Bliss SPF 50+ (sample): High protection sunscreen face cream with light and easily absorbed texture. — Face Velvet SPF 50+ (sample): High protection sunscreen face cream with velvet texture.


Pre Sun Hydra Protecting Cream: Apply to a clean face with light massage and allow it for a few minutes to be absorbed. Continue with sunscreen product. — Face Gel SPF 30: Apply to the skin 15' before sun exposure. Repeat depending on the duration of your sun exposure. — Face & Body Cream SPF 10: Apply to the skin 15’ before sun exposure. Repeat depending on the time and duration of sun exposure. — After Sun Hydra Calming Cream: Apply gently until it is absorbed. Repeat until the skin is completely calm.