426 Ag

Face leave-on mask with caviar reinforced with fatty acids Omega 3-6-9, vitamins E, F, C and glycolic acid for mature, tired and dull skin.

425 Re

"Leave on" mask made of collagen microfibers in anhydrous form (powder) for firmness and volume replenishment.

401 Hy

Moisturizing face mask enhanced with vitamin granules for all skin types.

402 Pr

A rejuvenating face cream mask that you leave on, for all skin types.

405 Pr

Cleansing detox facial mask with charcoal for all skin types.

406 Re

Oxygen, rejuvenation facial mask for all skin types.

407 Re

Repairing facial mask for all skin types.

408 Re

Refreshing and brightening face mask for normal, combination and oily skin.

411 Ag

Intense tightening facial and neck mask for all skin types.

415 Se

Facial rejuvenation and wellness mask for tired, dull and sensitive skin.

416 Se

Soothing, moisturizing facial mask for all skin types.

417 Pu

Firming cleansing face and chest mask for combination and oily skin.