Antiage Home Therapy Kit

Complete individual systematic face treatment for home use.

426 Ag

Face leave-on mask with caviar reinforced with fatty acids Omega 3-6-9, vitamins E, F, C and glycolic acid for mature, tired and dull skin.

425 Re

"Leave on" mask made of collagen microfibers in anhydrous form (powder) for firmness and volume replenishment.


Essential facial treatment with must-have products

102 Hy

Toning, cleansing face lotion for normal, dry, mixed and sensitive skin.

103 Hy

Foaming face cleanser with oil microspheres (micelles) for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

104 Pr

Face lotion with AHA that reduces the pH of the skin and enhances the efficacy of the cosmetic products. For all skin types.

105 Pr

Foaming face cleanser for all skin types.

106 Pr

A creamy face soap cleanser for all skin types.

107 Se

Cleansing face gel specifically formulated for sensitive skin and the area around the eyes.

112 Pr

Liquid face soap for all skin types.

108 Ec

Dual-phase cleansing product (oil-water) specially formulated for the area around the eyes.

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